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Informiši se! - Inform yourself!
Motivating trap/trance beat design and the best speaker of Belgrade, Miroslav Dadić.
Fresh tune DING DONG voiced by MSOKE, beat design by
Sound Dogma Berlin: "Today is your day!"
VALENTIN is a winner at the Salento International Film Festival! Soundtrack by Sound Dogma Berlin - watch the key scene with subtle, classical, minimalistic sound design.
A film by Ingrid Hübscher with Anjorka Strechel and Gerrit Neuhaus.
We hear choral strings in a cathedral, listen to the water of the ocean, a trumpet coming in, the MC's big-up, drop the beat with a massive bassline and a trap style hook, the melody fading away ... Our special offer - no mainstream.
Radio Spot
On air throughout Europe in 23 languages for the European Commission's European Year of Development. "Our world, our dignity, our future." Sound design in Dancehall/Ragga style.
Corporate Sound Design
Explanatory movie for, the video language learning portal. With the voice of Janet Heller (MTV) in Minimal Techno.
Title Music
Sound design in 80s Bass music for the ARTE Creative series "Collage Culturel", a cooperative project with David Schwertgen, is a format for art, culture, music, design, and remix.
Unsere handverlesene Crew setzt Marken in einen frischen, echten Kontext.
Realize it with us:
  • Sound Branding
  • Sound Design for Animations, Radio, TV Spots, Explanatory Films
  • Soundtracks
  • DJ Sets
  • Live Musicians
  • Soundscapes and Installations

Our crew is a handpicked selection of the very best sound designers and music producers, instrumentalists and vocalists, native speakers,
foley artists and sound engineers.

We set brands in a cultural context by touching people with real, original sound.

Ogrinz & Ogrinz GbR

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13086 Berlin

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